In the beginning I was under the assumption that you shouldn’t share anything with your psychic medium. They are psychic – they should know! It is only through providing readings myself that I truly understand the importance of sharing details with the psychic medium. That doesn’t mean that you need to share that your Aunt died of breast cancer in Minnesota at the age of 66 and act all thrilled when the psychic medium tells you that your Aunt died of breast cancer in Minnesota at the age of 66. It kind of goes back to trusting the process. Don’t be so skeptical that you are all rigid and refusing to share any information instead saying Prove it. Prove it. Some psychic mediums may be able to work that way but I know that I cannot and I know that I have a thousand times better reading when I provide some details and some of my feelings regarding a situation. Providing details allows the psychic medium to hone in on exactly what information needs to be communicated. Otherwise they spend the majority of their time telling you information you already knew or being slightly off in their interpretation. One question might be “Am I in the right career?” A more detailed version of the same question would be “Most days I like my job but some days I just feel bored and uninterested. Am I in the right career field? Should I be looking for a different job?” The more detailed version allows me to hone in on exactly what the person wants to know. Otherwise I am wading through a bunch of information with not enough time to share everything I am receiving and being unsure of where I should be focused on. If you can, trust your psychic medium enough to know that the communication is genuine and that you aren’t ruining the process by asking slightly more detailed questions.

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