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Many pregnant women suffer from back pain when they are at rest, but this can be a problem when the pain occurs while an infant is in the womb. It seems strange to think of a pain relief being administered while inside the womb, but it is possible to receive childbirth care in this manner using Gynaecologists Sydney CBD. Doctors in the world’s biggest medical centers can offer you the best possible care and comfort when pregnant women suffer from back pain. This treatment can range from drug-based medications, to manual therapy techniques, to alternative treatments such as acupuncture and acupressure. The type of treatment you will receive depends upon the reason for the pain, its severity and the physical condition of the patient.

Wales Can Help Pregnant Women With Back Pain

If your back or abdomen pain is so acute that it limits your daily tasks and activities, you may well be referred to a Gynaecologists in Sydney, New South Wales for treatment. When a woman becomes pregnant, the spine begins to expand as the baby is being developed inside the womb, and movement of the spine can result in pain, restriction of movement of the limbs, and problems with posture and the alignment of the body. The pain is normally caused by strain or damage to the muscles, ligaments and discs of the back.

In most instances, Gynaecologists in Sydney, New South Wales can manage the pain by offering manual therapies that include massage, electrical stimulation, hydrotherapy and traction. In pregnancy, it is important to maintain a healthy weight, so most pregnant women are encouraged to get exercise on a regular basis to ensure their health and the health of their unborn child. The best time to start a physical activity program is just before conceiving. This is when hormonal changes occur, and the body is more receptive to the changes that come with pregnancy. Any exercise program should always start slowly, and never over train for a specific sport or task.

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